Traffic Duty Officers and Positive Ion Alerts

How to effectively deal with Positive Ion Alerts?

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Many of the recommendations are the same as the General Duty officers

Specific recommendations to Traffic Duty Officers

Road Rage in other drivers should be obvious.

Expect the only thing to get in the way of writing tickets is attending more accidents.

Higher risk of High Speed Pursuits as people will take risks they normally wouldn't consider

Israeli insurance agencies discovered traffic accidents could increase by 100% during positive ion winds.

Studies in Geneva in 1972 showed an increase in traffic accidents by over 50% during times of high positive ion ratios.

Hungarian scientists also noted accidents went from a peak of 1.6 per hour to 2.6 during times high positive ion concentrations.

Toyota is said to be installing active negative ion generators in some of the 2002 or 2003 Lexus models.

What others are doing:

A company Strategically Aligned with United Dynamics Corp. has developed a Passive Negative Ion Generator (Patent Pending) that doesn't require a power source and produces negative ions within 12-15" of the users head. They are currently testing the device with Law Enforcement to counteract the Positive Ion Effect, keeping the officer in a negative ion field. The picture to the left shows their current Mark I device on the roof of the Vehicle providing the officer with negative ions. These devices are being improved with higher output in the Mark II series and large scale manufacturing is being planned. These devices are not yet available.

Police Products being Developed:

Concepts and Prototype devices are being designed by the inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator. If successful, these will be brought to the Law Enforcement market within a few years. These particular devices should enable Traffic Duty officers to become more effective in the many varied areas they cover. 

Passive Automatic Mobile Photo Radar, Roving Radar
Works automatically while Police Vehicle is being driven
Radar/Laser detectors cannot sense Roving Radar.
No attention from Officer is required.

Automatic Mobile A.I. License Plate OCR reading dashboard cameras
(Artificial Intelligence License Plate Text Recognition)
Automatically checks all license plates scanned through dashboard camera, even when Police Vehicle is being driven. No attention from Officer is required other than reaction to return suspect hits from computer.

Automatic Mobile Photo Tailgate Cameras
Crack down on tailgaters without drawing attention away from General Duty or Traffic Duty Officer.
Automatic, no attention from Officer is required. Works when Police Vehicle is being driven.

High Speed Mobile Interceptor Contact Immobilizer
Mobile Engine-Disabling upon contact between Police Interceptor and Suspect Vehicle.
Will disable older and newer model Vehicles.

High Speed Mobile close proximity Vehicle Immobilizer
Mobile Engine-Disabling upon close proximity between Police car and Suspect Vehicle.
Will disable older and newer model Vehicles.  

High Speed Mobile Long Distance Vehicle Immobilizer
Long Distance, Non contact Engine-Disabling of Suspect Vehicles.
Will disable newer model Vehicles.  

Check out our other Advanced Police Products currently under development.
Police Products


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